“Ahobilam Ahobilam”

“If a devotee while getting up early in the morning chants Ahobilam Ahobilam, this itself takes the form of a Maha Mantra which will destroy the five Maha papas (Greatest Sins).”
–  Bramhanda Purana Ch. 1 Text 28

Ahobilam is a divya Narasimha-kshetra. It is a place where Lord Narasimha appeared out of a pillar and saved His devotee Prahlada. This place is also famous as the land of Nava Narasimha due to the nine cave temples of Lord Narasimha situated here. Ahobilam is situated in the Nallamalla forest amidst the lush green valleys, scintillating waterfalls and the meandering curves of the Bhavanashini River. Untouched by the modern development, this is a perfect place for anyone to experience divinity in the lap of nature. Ahobilam is also one among the 108 divya deshams – Srivaishnava temples.



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